• Oct
    • 22
    • 2014

Concert Report: Kew Gardens

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“Performing composer Freya Waley-Cohen and poet Caleb Klaces’ new work ‘Linea’, Reverie have recently appeared as part of Kew Gardens’ Intoxication Season. ‘Linea’, designed specifically for performance in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, is written for 20 voices spread out over the impressive botanical space with all of the singers performing solos, duets or trios.

Kew Gardens’ Intoxication Season has included a festival of mind altering plants – demonstrating how plants such as cannabis and opium can be used as both medicines and intoxicants. The Princess of Wales Conservatory, home to a variety of tropical plants, is currently featuring a mind-altering plants section of the glasshouse where many of these plants are on display.

Reverie’s singers were installed in this unique space, singing innovative new music by Freya Waley-Cohen and text by Caleb Klaces, dealing with the journey of a hallucinator and their experience of drugs. Many of the soloists required Reverie’s singers to interact directly and dramatically with unsuspecting audience members who were not aware that a performance was going on in the space until it began. The sense of installation, allowing audience members to walk around and interactively select which music they wanted to listen to, changed the relationship between performers and audience members and created a new dynamic in the performance.

It was hugely enjoyable to be part of this creative and forward thinking project.”

Robbie Jacobs